5 Self-Love Essentials for February

With February being the month of love, you may be tempted to show others some love but don’t forget to give some to yourself! Building a better relationship with yourself is important for your well-being. Need some help finding some beginner self-love essentials? Here are five to help you get started:

  1. Online Yoga Subscription: Yoga is a calming and unique way to connect with your mind and body. I love finding online workout classes to take, so every day is a different and fun way to get my body moving! Taking an online class is the ultimate convenience: there’s no intimidation of being in a physical studio, you have flexibility to do it on your own time, plus you have the added bonus of not having to find the perfect workout set. Just get moving! Moving your body is a practice of self-love because you’re getting to know how your body works through movement which can help you gain confidence in your body. 
  2. Positive Affirmation Cards: If you haven’t started saying affirmations in the morning, having this deck of cards near your bedside will be the perfect reminder to practice saying them everyday. The box is a small and convenient size, so you can bring the cards anywhere! Repeating affirmations is a great way to connect back to yourself since it serves as a time of gratitude and reflection. Plus, it’s a helpful nudge if you’re just beginning your self-love journey and need some space to practice positive self-talk. Doing this small exercise everyday can help you stay on the path to loving yourself by verbally saying what you do love about yourself. 
  3. Self-Love Books: While some may say “self-help”, I prefer to say “self-love” because rather than seeking to try to “fix” or “cure” myself, I’m reading this genre to help me feel empowered. Untamed by Glennon Doyle is an amazing memoir (no wonder it’s a NYT bestseller!) about living unapologetically and being authentic and will inspire the reader to do the same. Reading is another way I love to spend time with myself and disconnect from all the noise. There are so many great books from this genre and I feel motivated and energized after each one! 
  4. Self-Care Items: Sometimes the greatest form of self-love is having a self-care day. Sometimes just having a relaxing day at home can be the self-love you need. Self-love feeds and informs self-care practices. Plus, during the dry days of winter your skin may need that extra nourishment. Having a home spa day will help you unwind and destress from your busy schedule and you can get started by using the link above!
  5. Self-Love Guide: Need a free way to practice self-love? We created the “Beginner’s Guide to Self-Love” to help you reflect on where you are and assist you in improving on your self-love journey. There’s also a self-love jar included that you can use all month! Check it out, you’ll see what I’m talking about! Getting your self- love journey started can be difficult so we have simplified the steps for you with this journal! 

I hope this helps you practice self-love this month! 


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