5 ways to spice up your Hot Girl Walk this Fall

Transitioning into the Fall means new changes not only outside but also in your routine. If you have been loving the “Hot Girl Walk” trend and have taken this exercise regimen into your daily routine, follow along to see how you can keep your walk fresh and new throughout the season. 

1. Choose a scenic location

Finding a new place to walk (one with a lot of Fall colors, perhaps?) can really get you in the Autumn mood. Changing up the scenery is also a way to practice mindfulness. When we change our route, it brings an intention and awareness that we otherwise may not have on the one we know so well. Whether you plan it out or take new turns, this switch-up may be the Fall reset you need.

2.  Swap in Fall colors

For some, the “Hot Girl Walk” is all about walking in the trendy matching set. If your outfit plays a role in you getting that strut on then give it a refresh with some Fall colors. Changing up what you wear is one way to re-excite you for your daily ritual. It doesn’t have to break the bank, either. Some that we recommend are this top, these bike shorts, and this belt bag.

3. Literally, spice up your walk

The age-old question: Chai latte or PSL? Whatever way you like your seasonal drink, bring a cup with you on your walk. Or, make the local coffee shop your mid-way walk destination! Your walk will immediately increase in cozy points. 

4. Switch up your walking time

During the Summer, Hot Girl Walk meant something different midday when the sun is beating down (hot sweaty walk). So, if your schedule allows it, change it up from the morning to afternoon. No more needing to avoid the afternoon heat!

5. Listen to a new playlist or podcast

Keep the vibes high by adding your favorite tracks to get you into the Autumn mood. A new playlist is another way to reignite a tired routine or get you back into it if you’ve fallen off (we all do, sometimes!). Plus, we’ve created an awesome Fall playlist for you right here! If you’re more of a podcast listener while you’re out getting your fresh air, check out our new podcast, Wishing You Well!


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