Don’t be fooled by self-care: what it IS and is NOT

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We may think of self-care as a lot of things but it’s important that we make a distinction between its realistic capabilities and its perceived mythical powers. Read on to find out its true nature and how it can really help.

How we benefit from setting boundaries

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We set boundaries with all of those around us- with coworkers, partners, friends, family, neighbors and even with the person delivering our takeout. We also might have a challenging time setting boundaries if it means changing those boundaries, like being more rigid or being more vulnerable.

How to block out burnout this summer

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How to block out burnout this summer When the fireworks become nightly background noise and ice cream becomes a food group, summer is in full effect. Whether you enjoy your time out in the sun or prefer turning your a/c on blast, when summertime sets in it can be both unwaveringly exhausting and utterly refreshing all at once. It may be this continuation of emerging from Covid, finishing up school, having summer [...]

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