This is What a Mindful Workout Looks Like

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We may not be squeezing out all of the health benefits when we prioritize our physical fitness. Whether we’re running, jumping, stretching, or hitting the megaformer, if we’re not engaging in mindful workouts, we’re missing out on all the workout has to offer.

This is what happens when you practice mindfulness through change

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When life is changing around us - whether an expected change like the seasons or an anticipated one like moving - the regularity of our days may get thrown off. We, humans, like consistency and patterns. So, when this happens, especially out of the blue, it’s no wonder we feel out of alignment.

The science behind adults + napping

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You know the feeling when you wake from a nap and you’re more drowsy than you were before? The worst. How about the times that a midday slumber really does kick your butt into gear like the energizer bunny? That feeling is gold. But then you stop and wonder if this nap will just throw you off at bedtime. Hmmm. I was itching to learn if naps really do help when they’re needed and the findings were interesting…

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