The best herbs to boost your immunity this Fall

It’s September – can you believe it?! I don’t know if it’s because my birthday is in September or if it’s the crisp weather, but fall has always been my favorite season. As a dietitian and soon-to-be herbalist, I turn to nature as my body shifts through the seasons.

As the cooler days/nights approach, my priorities switch over to preserving heat instead of cooling my body down, which means my daily herbs move more towards immune support and keeping my respiratory system clean.

Herbs for the Fall

Elderberry: a fast-acting immune remedy to always have on hand as we move into the colder months. Taken as a syrup, elderberry can be used throughout fall and winter, or dosed more frequently when traveling or exposed to many people. Elderberries are fast-acting and support an engaged and present immune response, so be sure to use at the first sign of feeling run down during seasonal changes.

Thyme: warming and antimicrobial, this herb is ideal for supporting lung and gut health. It can relax, soothe, and keep things moving when you’re dealing with immune challenges.

Echinacea: a unique immune herb that supports the elimination of cellular waste via the lymphatic system. This herb functions primarily as an immune stimulant—which means it supports your immune system when it’s time to kick things up a notch. This herb is best to be taken on an in-the-moment basis.

Monarda: A digestive ally and antimicrobial powerhouse all in one to keep your respiratory system and GI tract clear and healthy.

Cayenne: a perfect remedy to keep your body warm, flexible, and strong as the temperatures drop. Pungent foods promote distribution of stagnant energy and blood promoting energy to move upwards and outwards to the body’s surface.

Calendula: supports the lymphatic system and ducts, aids in liver health, soothes digestive mucosa and other mucus membranes, warming the stomach, and helps to aid microbial balance both internally and topically. Topically, calendula is a gentle mover that helps to promote the healthy circulation of your body’s immune cells.

An easy immune tea to bounce back during the cooler months:

4-5 slices of lemon

4-5 slices of fresh ginger

4-5 sprigs of fresh thyme

1-2 tsp cayenne pepper.

Elisabeth DiDonato, MS, RDN is Revive’s newest team member! Her “food as medicine” approach to her work helps her provide holistic support to her clients and we are so excited to have her integrated into the work we do. Learn more about her here!

Stay Well, Elisabeth


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