This One Thing Could Block Burnout For Good

We often don’t know we’re headed towards Burnout until we’ve already arrived (see “This is the Key to Ending the Burnout Cycle” for more on this). However, there are four ways of preventing Burnout that we touch on in our Burnout Prevention Plan. One of those ways is to “Create a Self-reflection Regimen.”

What is self-reflection and how can it help?

Self-reflection is the act of giving thought to your own behaviors, interactions, desires, and feelings. Self-reflection leads to self-awareness, which allows us to become more attuned to our needs. However, self-awareness isn’t usually a pitstop along the way to Burnout. If we engage in some sort of self-reflection we can help steer ourselves in the right direction and lead us to a place where Burnout can’t find us.

How do I do it?

There are various ways to practice self-reflection. Some examples are mindfulness, therapy, journaling, and meditation. You might be thinking- But when I’m headed towards Burnout, I don’t have time. These exercises don’t have to interrupt your entire day nor do they have to consume more of your time that you feel you don’t have. The great part about mindfulness is that it can be as simple as participating in an existing activity or task on your schedule while bringing awareness to it. This can be done during our skincare routines, while eating meals or snacks, and while walking, to name a few.

One of our favorite mindfulness exercises at Revive is “Grounding with Your Five Senses.” This is a great way to ground yourself into the present moment by using your sense to pay attention to your surroundings. See our instructions below for you to try it on your own time!

Another way to more easily integrate mindfulness into your day is through a mindful breathing exercise. One that we like to share is “Box Breathing.” Not only does this direct your attention to your breath, but also gives you more of a sense of control when other areas of your life may feel out of control. See our instructions below and give it a try!

Self-reflection isn’t going to scare the stress away, but the idea is for you to better manage it. In short, that’s really what Burnout is- a state of unmanaged stress. If we become more self-aware then we take the lead instead of handing it over to Burnout.

Box Breathing How-To: Trace the top line that reads “breathe in” as you breathe in for four seconds. Continue to trace the box as you hold in your breath for four seconds, breathe out for four seconds, and hold for four seconds. Repeat as many times as you’d like.

Grounding with Your 5 Senses How-To: Take a moment to settle into your surroundings. What are five things you can see (A lamp? A plant? A photo?)? What are four things you can feel (The seat below you? The warmth from your coffee mug?)? What are three things you can hear (A dog barking? Footsteps above you?)? What are two things you can smell? What’s one thing you can taste?

Stay Well,
Catherine at Revive


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