Revive Center for Wellness is a group of passionate wellness professionals, including therapists, counselors, and coaches dedicated to helping individuals improve and enhance all aspects of their life. We believe that improving oneself comes from looking at all aspects of who we are. Whether we struggle with anxiety, trauma, or body image we must identify how these each effect the other aspects of our life.  Once we learn how our thoughts effect our actions, and vice-versa, we’re able to begin making successful change. Through our holistic group therapy and wellness practice, our well-trained professionals work together with the goal of helping clients feel and live their best life. Whether they require a therapist, nutritionist, fitness coach, or a life/career coach Revive has a professional that can help.



Incorporated in April of 2012, by founder and therapist Amy Albero, Revive began as a single-member therapy practice. Initially, Amy focused on helping children with histories of trauma, and young women with anxiety and body-image issues.  Within the first few months client growth exploded and the practice was quickly beyond capacity.

Amy grew to appreciate holistic and functional medical practices after being plagued with several minor, yet chronic, conditions. During her ailment, traditional medicine continually failed to identify and resolve her issues, requiring her to seek alternative methods. These experiences caused Amy to learned the importance of the mind-body connection. Specifically, how nutrition and exercise have a large impact on an individual’s mental health and state of mind.  As a result, Amy began integrating fitness and nutrition with traditional therapy and counseling into her treatment, to great success.

Amy developed a clear vision for what would become Revive by 2015 and began the process of expanding her practice. Revive opened in 2016 as a holistic mental and physical wellness center, and is now based out of Stamford, Connecticut.