Project Description

Life and Career Coaching

With Life and Career Coaching, a person wishes to address specific personal and/or professional goals.  The job of a life coach is to maximize their client’s chance of success by being a sounding board, mentor, ally, cheerleader, and naysayer all at once.  Life coaches will help to identify the steps required of, as well as the potential obstacles hindering, their client from accomplishing their goals.

  • Career Transitions (Career Changes/Promotions)

  • Managing Stress and Frustration at Home or Work

  • Forming Stronger, Lasting Relationships

  • Work/Life Balance

What Makes Revive Different

Revive Center for Wellness and our community of passionate wellness professionals see helping you get to the next step of your personal growth journey. We believe in supporting the whole individual.

Coaching is just one facet of the many ways that Revive Center for Wellness is here to support your ability to find relief from feeling . . . . . . .

Stress or anxiety . . . 

Low self-esteem . . . 

Feeling isolated or lacking community . . . 

The uncertainty of life transitions.

Our Clinicians are constantly learning and growing to provide you with quality attention and expertise.  They specialize in actionable, solution-oriented practices to understand where you are and then empower you to step into your best life.

What’s more, Revive understands that empowerment can come from a holistic approach to wellness. Whether you need a therapist, nutritionist, fitness coach, or a life/career coach, there is a wellness professional here to help you.

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Next Steps

Are you ready to take steps to feel your best and live how you know deep down you can? If the Revive model feels like a good fit to you, click the button below to schedule an appointment with a coach. Don’t live in Connecticut? We’ve got you! Did you know that many of our clinicians and coachest work with clients online, too?

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Our team of professionals has varied backgrounds with unique specialties. What we share in common is a collaborative spirit and a passion for empowerment. We work together to make sure that our clients receive all that they need to live their best lives.

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