Project Description

Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness

Currently, Yoga and Mindfulness classes are being offered in our Virtual Workshops, and as an add-on to therapy sessions.  Each experience is designed to help individuals learn to connect more to themselves, to others, and to the community.  In addition to learning yoga practices, individuals are taught skills to focus, to manage their feelings, better control their actions, and to explore their own inner (and outer) strength.

We’re working hard to increase our offerings. Check back as we open up opportunities.

What Makes Revive Different

Revive Center for Wellness and our community of passionate wellness professionals see helping people of all ages get to the next step of their personal growth journey. We believe in supporting the whole individual.

Therapy is just one facet of the many ways that Revive Center for Wellness is here to support you and your family in finding relief from the feelings that hold you back.

To learn how to find peace in our minds, offers relief from

  • hyperactivity . . . 
  • anxiety . . . 
  • fear . . . 
  • social isolation . . . 

A healthy body and mind are the building blocks of living up to your potential. We offer a variety of coaches, therapists, and classes to support you in creating holistic wellness in your life.

Our professionals are constantly learning and growing to provide you with quality attention and expertise.  They specialize in actionable, solution-oriented practices to understand where you are and then empower you to step into your best life.

Next Steps

Are you ready to take steps to feel your best and live how you know deep down you can? If the Revive model feels like a good fit to you, click the button below to schedule an appointment with a therapist or counselor. Don’t live in Connecticut? We’ve got you! Did you know that many of our coaches and therapists work with clients online, too?

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Based on the information you provide, we’ll match you the right professional to see you through to your goals.

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Our team of professionals has varied backgrounds with unique specialties. What we share in common is a collaborative spirit and a passion for empowerment. We work together to make sure that our clients receive all that they need to live their best lives.

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