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Navigating the World of Internet Nutrition

We all see it. “What I ate in a day.” “My weight loss journey.” “Food porn.” And then there’s the endless snippets of advice during our doom scrolls. How do we piece out what’s true and what works for us versus what worked for one person? With so much information so readily available to us, it can be difficult to sort out all of the overlapping and conflicting messages put out there. One [...]

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How to Set Boundaries with Your Family

You’ve finally found a nutrition plan that works for you, the only problem is, it may not “work” for everyone else around you. Maybe you come from a family with Sunday pasta nights, or annual pig roasts, or your friends like to eat out at restaurants with limited options on the menu. Whenever your social gatherings involve food and you’ve made a nutritional change in your life, you might raise some eyebrows. We’ve [...]

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