There really is no clear answer – it honestly depends.  While it would be great if your therapist could tell you that it’d take, say, 10 sessions to get the bottom of your current situation, there’s no magic formula you can plug your situation into to find out how many sessions you’ll need. But there are benchmarks you can look out for that it might be time to move on.

If you went into therapy with a clear and specific goal in mind, you ideally end your therapy when you meet your objectives. ( i.e.  You wanted to reduce social anxiety and now you can attend social gatherings without an anxiety spiral.) On the other hand, if you’re in therapy for less concrete reasons — like, to get to know yourself better or to become your best self or to improve your relationships — it’s really going to be about your gut feeling. You can keep going as long as you feel like you’re growing and learning. Which is something you can check in with your therapist about!