Q: What’s the difference between Telehealth Sessions (online) and Face-to-Face Sessions?

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Only where it takes place!   Good Telehealth therapy should not feel much different than being in-person with a therapist, except for the fact that you are meeting with her in the comfort of your own home.  Your therapist will help you set up the Telehealth platform so that you feel comfortable navigating it with ease.  It may feel strange at the beginning, just like face-to-face, it takes some time to get comfortable and to build [...]

Q: How do I know if I need therapy?

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First, try not to think about it as “needing” therapy. A better question is, “How do I know if I can benefit from therapy?” And the answer is that you probably can no matter who you are. There is a myth that you need to be in certain life circumstances to go to therapy.  The truth is, that’s simply not true.  Most people can benefit from therapy, and therapy can be way more helpful than [...]

Q: How do I prepare for my first session?

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You'll want to get together all the necessary materials, like your insurance information (if applicable) and note any past events that may have an impact on you currently.  It's also helpful to reflect on your goals and think about your reasons for coming in.  Your goals for therapy can (and probably will) change as time goes on, and they don’t have to be super concrete, either. But it’s a good idea to think about it [...]

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