How to be curious and comfortable at the same time

When the New Year starts sometimes we “take a side,” either energized and ready to initiate change or decide it’s not worth it. Right now especially, it seems like a lot of people are either “all in” or taking a let’s “wait and see” approach. We end up in these polarizing states of mind as the year kicks off instead of giving ourselves a little wiggle room. The same holds true in approaching learning. Sometimes we’re curious and seek out something “new” and other times we’re comfortable and savor the “old.” In reality, both of these mindsets are valuable.


Why it’s good:

  • When we wonder about things we create an opportunity to have a better understanding rather than just accepting them at face value
  • When we admit that we don’t have all the answers, it’s not only vulnerable but also humbling
  • Inquiring and asking questions keeps us from judging situations and others

Why it gets a bad rap:

  • We worry that people may get the impression that asking questions means lacking trust
  • We worry that asking questions means we lack knowledge
  • Its extreme: Doubt


Why it’s good:

  • Being aware and knowing what feels good provides a sense of safety and security
  • It’s vulnerable to “just be” and allow yourself to sit in the present
  • It’s ok to feel ok about how things are

Why it gets a bad rap:

  • People may view it as synonymous with “boring” or “predictable”
  • Its extreme: Complacency

Being both curious and comfortable has a lot to offer us. We don’t have to identify as one or the other. Plus, when we do decide to step out of our comfort zones, a lot of the times we can return back into them. We might think we’re going to like something, we try it and then decide it’s not for us.

Something you may feel comfortable with is your morning routine, or more specifically what you put in your coffee everyday. With a bigger life decision maybe you’re curious about changing careers or going back to school… In practicing being curious, what are you interested in changing around you? What might you want to learn more about? Take a little extra time to ask more questions this week. Also, think about what’s comfortable in your life right now. What do you want to stick around for a while? How does stability serve you?

Stay Well,
Catherine at Revive


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