3 ways to find your pocket of joy as a college student

Finding pockets of joy in your life can be hard. When you’re a college student and living in a dorm, being surrounded by a lot of people at all hours of the day can be especially hard in itself. College students might have a hard time transitioning to this different lifestyle so it’s helpful to find pockets of joy during the time away from your family and the place you think of as home. It is important to also find moments of happiness that are just for you. Here are some things to remember when finding (and keeping!) your unique pocket of joy:

  1. You don’t always have to experience something with a friend for it to be a special moment. Something as simple as finding a book to read for your own enjoyment can be a pocket of joy. This time alone is a good way to reset and provide an opportunity for you to engage in something you really like.
  2. Make sure you schedule it into your calendar so you are more present in the moment. Being present is more than just a buzzword right now; it’s important, especially as a college student. Being able to look forward to the time you can relax can help you get through that hard Bio class. Knowing what is coming next provides a great deal of comfort. Writing down a list of things you want to do for yourself can be exciting since you know you will have moments of joy coming up. This experience can be taking a walk around campus while playing a podcast or going shopping. I always ask my friends what podcast they listen to because that can always be a topic of conversation when you meet up with them again. It can be a relaxing conversation for everyone, instead of always talking about school activities. These two activities give you time for yourself and can help you think more clearly. 
  3. Make sure your pocket of joy is not part of a way to pass the time. While most people find time to relax by scrolling through social media, it can also just be something to do when you’re bored. Instead of this, try doing something that doesn’t involve going on your phone. Try extending the amount of time you spend on your morning or nighttime routines or pick up a new hobby. These small moments can give you time away from thinking about school, which can be hard if you literally live on the campus.

If you are like me and are a commuter student and do not have a place for yourself to relax during the day, that can take a toll on you as well (admittedly, empty classrooms become a pseudo dorm room some days). Finding time for yourself can also prevent burnout. This is something we all hear from college students, the feeling of being burnt out. Doing too much for every class can get exhausting and overwhelming at times, along with other activities you are involved in on campus. But, make sure you have time for yourself to prevent this. In college, we might feel pressure to find the perfect friend group or our soulmates. Finding those people in your life is great, but do not let it consume you. Remember why you wanted to continue your studies in the first place and let the pressures roll off your shoulder. Feeling pressure to have the perfect college experience can be hard, especially the first year. When you are feeling this way, remember to turn to that pocket of joy. It may be just what you need to help you with a problem you’re having or can help you become closer to yourself and others. 

Where will you find your own pocket of joy?

Stay Well,


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