A mom’s to-do list that doesn’t involve her kids!?

Are you a mom and having a hard time fitting self-care into your daily routine? If yes, then this is the blog for you. Typically moms have a to-do list for their children but rarely do they have one for themselves that isn’t a list of errands to run or chores to do. In this blog you will find 10 self-care activities to choose from. What is self-care? It’s the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.

Self-care is essential for all human beings. In this blog post, I will be sharing a few self-care ideas for moms who need a little guidance on which activities can help ground them during the everyday hustle and bustle of being a parent. 

    1. Schedule alone time. Try getting up 10-30 minutes before your children do to have some quiet time. Enjoy some coffee, meditate, or even just lay in bed for a few extra minutes. This can also be done during nap time or if they’re old enough, when the kids are playing. 
    2. Call a friend. Being a mom sometimes means not having much interaction with adults during the day, so calling a friend or family member can be helpful even if it’s only for a few minutes to check in. This is an idea that can be done daily or just a few days a week. 
    3. Spend time outside. Go for a walk, drink your coffee on your porch, meditate outside or call a friend while sitting on your back deck. At times, moms may feel trapped at home and need some fresh air. Going outside to move your body, feel the breeze and get some vitamin D can help boost your mood. 
    4. Have a wind down routine. Light a candle, read a few pages of a book, make a playlist full of songs that help calm you down, do a face-mask, get into comfortable pajamas, or listen to a podcast. 
  • Engage your senses:
      1. Take a bath 
      2. Notice something beautiful around you 
      3. Drink tea
      4. Listen to soothing music 
      5. Light a scented candle or diffuse essential oils 
  • Get lunch with a friend. This is an activity that has multiple positive aspects such as, getting out of the house, socializing with another adult, and eating a meal. Bringing your child with you to make it more attainable is a great option, too! 
  • Practice mindfulness. This could be taking 10 minutes for deep breathing and writing down 3 positive affirmations. These affirmations can be repeated to yourself as needed and it is beneficial to your mind, body, and soul. Exercising this can help you, as a mom (and just as a human!), feel more confident, calm, and patient with yourself and your children. 
  1. Ask for help and delegate tasks if possible. You do not have to do it all yourself even if at times it feels like you need to. Examples include: asking your significant other for a hand, a family member to watch your child for an hour or two while you do one of these activities, or even hire a care worker to assist if financially possible. 
  2. Listen to your body. Drink water, eat a well balanced meal or take a nap. Just like when your children cry because they are hungry, you feed them, change them, or put them to sleep. You deserve the same when your body is alerting you for some self-care. It may not be as obvious as a cry, but your body will communicate with you in various other ways to signal certain needs. To all the moms who forgot to eat, this one’s for you! When these needs are pushed away or ignored, they don’t go away but rather, they come around or come about at even more inconvenient times.
  3. Therapy. Therapy will provide a safe space for you to process this new stage of life. It can help you navigate the daily challenges and changes throughout motherhood. This includes breastfeeding, body image, managing expectations with loved ones, setting boundaries when necessary, children going to school for the first time, and so much more. 

Making a to-do list for yourself is just as important as the never ending list of responsibilities you have as a parent. It can not only enhance your mood and decrease anxious thoughts, but also create a new routine that you look forward to daily. This can be passed down to your children as they get older, as well. You will be able to model for them what taking care of yourself looks like physically and mentally. Steady self-care practices keep you from needing a month-long vacation and feeling burnt out.

I hope these tips can be helpful to you! Psst, if you are a mom of a child who is 0-3 years old, we hope you will join our group for moms starting in September! Learn more about it and register here

Angela Martello, LCSW


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