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Amy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and the founder and clinical director of Revive Center for Wellness.

Zero Chill

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Zero Chill We live in a society where we are taught that our worth is determined by our productivity, and yet at the same time instructed to have an elaborate self-care practice.  It gets confusing, and can cause a lot of people to throw their hands in the air and say, “I just don’t have time to relax!” As someone who has lived a great deal of their life having bought into [...]

Stop Doing The Chicken [Little] Dance

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Do you remember the story of Chicken Little? To briefly summarize…. Chicken Little was scratching around in the barnyard one day, when all of the sudden, something fell from above him and hit him in the head, and his reaction was, “THE SKY IS FALLING! THE SKY IS FALLING!” Was the sky actually falling? No, of course not. It was simply an Acorn that hit Chicken Little on the head.

The Power of YET

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“I don’t understand.” “I can’t do this.” “This doesn’t work.” What emotions do those statements elicit from you? With those emotions in mind, what actions would you take? I’m no fortune teller, but there’s probably a good chance that if you employed these [self-limiting] beliefs, you would likely give up trying to understand, to complete something, or to look for another option to make things work. Now, let’s try this again…

The hardest thing about getting started is getting started

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I have wanted to start a Blog for nearly two years, yet it is only now that I feel ready to sit down and write. The reality is, it wasn’t for a lack of a general concept or ideas that was holding me back, but rather the lack of “good enough” content for the FIRST Blog post that was standing in my way. I realized I was putting all of this pressure on myself about the FIRST Blog post – that it had to convey a certain message, that it had to have just the right tone … that it had to be perfect.

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