Caught up in midterms? Here are 3 ways to destress!

1.Get enough sleep: While you may hear it a lot, sleep might be on the backburner right now. Getting a sufficient amount of sleep is important for so many aspects of your life, not just stress. Your body and brain needs the night off to rest and recharge. As tempting as it may be to stay in the library at all hours of the night, try setting a reminder on your phone to go to bed! Need help falling asleep? The National Sleep Foundation recommends staying off your phone and other electronics at least 30 minutes before bed.

2. Surround yourself with positive energy: Need a non-caffeinated pick-me-up? Chat with a loved one during one of your breaks. On another break, take a walk with your most encouraging and supportive friends on campus. Friends just busy as you during this hectic time? Try turning on a podcast that supports your mental well-being or listen to an inspiring playlist. When we’re stuck in sequences of stress, we may be more apt to give into those negative thoughts so this is an important time to provide yourself with a more nurturing mindset. Doing so has the power to shift your mood and help you complete your work.

3.Make a plan: It’s all about sitting down and getting started. You may find yourself  procrastinating when you feel like everything starts to pile up but, it is time to change that up! Write out a to-do list and make a plan to study. Create time blocks to be as detailed as possible on how your days will go. Even schedule time slots for breaks, meals, exercise, and sleep. Not only will this actionable list give your studying some structure but also will take some of the onus off of you because you’ve outsourced a way to keep you accountable.

Still struggling to destress in the midst of the semester? We may be able to help with that. Check out our new group, Stress Less. You’ll learn new various techniques to help reduce stress in a collaborative group environment. The group is six weeks long and starts Tuesday 10/25 at 6:00PM EST via Zoom. Check it out!


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