Meet Audra! Our March Provider of the Month

Meet our Provider of the Month!

Q: What inspired you to become a therapist?

AA: Well, I think I’ve always wanted to be a therapist and I think I’ve always been that role with friends and some family members. Also, in that I’ve always been kind of a go-to person that people came to when they had problems or issues or something they wanted to talk about and I think helping them through that it’s just kind of always been a role that I love taking on with people. And it’s something I’d like to continue with my clients.

Q:What do you like about working at Revive?

AA: What I like about working at Revive is being able to collaborate with a lot of different clinicians from different experiences and backgrounds.

Q: What do you like about being a therapist?

AA: Being able to work with a lot of different people and helping them find their own strengths and solutions to problems that they may have come in not knowing that they already had. I think a lot of people think that therapists give them advice or help them along the way and really, I feel like I’m kind of a vessel in the room to help them come to their own conclusions and find things within them that they didn’t know that they already had. 

Q: What is your go-to self-care?

AA: My go-to self-care is yoga or a nice hot bubble bath.

Q: What’s one tip you would give to a new mom?

AA: So, as a new mom myself, I would say one motherhood tip that I have for new moms is don’t forget about yourself. And it’s so much easier said than done! But, it is so important and it can feel really, really hard at the beginning to do things for yourself. But, once you do force yourself to do it and when you come back from it you will feel so much better and so much more refreshed. We can’t pour from an empty pitcher and I think that that’s something that gets lost especially at the beginning of motherhood. So, keep that in mind. Take care of yourself, focus on yourself, and you’ll be good to go!

Q:Spring is a time of transition, and often people struggle with transitions. What’s some advice you’d have for somebody either this spring or just going through a transition in general?

AA: I think transitions are so hard, because we try to control things or try to go back to the way that things were or maybe we just don’t trust what’s coming next, and I think a big way to get through transitions at least for me, is to just kind of trust the process and know that everything is temporary and everything that we’re going through is not going to last forever. And a lot of times, on the other end of it, it’s a lot better than what we anticipate it’s going to be and we often are just afraid of the change itself and by staying stagnant we kind of are losing out on things that could be really great that we don’t even know about. So, I think just leaning into the transition and allowing it to come at you, however, it will be really the best way to go through it.


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