Meet Julie! Our November Provider of the Month

Our November Provider Spotlight is one of our newest team members, Julie Gulemi, LMSW. Julie is full of energy and passion for this field and I got to sit down with her to witness that firsthand. It’s obvious how much she cares about her work and also how knowledgeable and creative she is in the process. Get to know Julie and see for yourself!

Meet our Provider of the Month!

Q: What is your go-to self-care?

JG:My go-to self-care is anything creative. So, I love to make pottery on the wheel, I love to paint big canvases, and I’ve been really loving playing pickleball lately.

Q:What excites you about joining the Revive team?

JG:I am so excited to be working at Revive, especially because of the amazing staff that is here. I feel so lucky to get to be partnering with them and getting to be talking with them and doing things with them and a Revive Night-In and Revive Night-Out; it just feels like such a gift. 

Q: What are your go-to books and music?

JG:So, any book written by Brené Brown is an absolute go-to no matter what, no matter when, no matter where. And of course, right now, the new Taylor Swift album that came out, Midnights, on repeat all the time. 

Q: What do you do to stay motivated during the colder and darker months?

JG:So, the colder and darker months are pretty hard, and to be honest, I have to be honest about it. And so, you know, talking to my closest friends and family, talking to my own therapist about it, about how I’m feeling and if it is hard because there are less hours that are bright during the day and that makes things hard; it makes it hard to be motivated. And so, being honest and feeling how I’m feeling and moving through that is really how I get through it.

Q: What do you like about being a therapist?

JG:So, I feel like I was actually created to be a therapist. It feels like such a joy and an honor to get to be on the journey of sitting in a space with somebody, to hear their deepest darkest pain and also their greatest joy and to create that container where people can feel what needs to be felt and to accept all of who a person is. It makes me come alive.

Q: What is one thing that’s important to you in beginning work with a client?

JG: So, I always start from a place of making sure the client understands that all of who they are is accepted in the room. And starting from that space, that is what creates safety and that’s what creates the ability to really share what’s happening under the surface. Because, if you know that you are accepted, and if you know that you are loved as you are, that’s safe to share, the hard stuff and the dark stuff.

Learn more about Julie in our video interview here and in her Wellness Professionals bio here!


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