What We’ve Learned Since Starting a Podcast

You may already know that we started a podcast! And when we did, Amy and I were pretty green (and still are!). Other than our videos on Instagram, we hadn’t had experience discussing aspects of health and wellness we’re so passionate about (and at length!). Needless to say, this was quite a new endeavor and we didn’t know entirely what we’d be getting ourselves into. Moreso, we didn’t realize all that we would learn in beginning this venture. What we’ve come to know so far may be helpful to anyone starting something new, unfamiliar and outside of their comfort zone (yes, we did have a podcast all about comfort zones!). Here are four things we’ve learned since starting Wishing You Well:

  1. “The more prepared I am, the less authentic I am, which is also just a big lesson in my life. In that sense it’s a reminder for me that perfectionism is not relatable and a barrier for me to be who I really am.” – Amy
  1. “Anything is scary if you haven’t done it before and that’s ok. Starting this podcast was entirely new and intimidating at first and it was helpful to not only have that validated by my co-host who was experiencing similar feelings, but also to lean into that and know that with time and experience, those feelings would evolve.” – Catherine
  1. “Putting yourself out there, in a way, is really vulnerable. When we share personal pieces of ourselves it is risky and opens us up to be criticized or rejected and the payoff of how much more connected I am to myself and to other people who have resonated with what I’ve shared make it worth it.” – Amy
  1. “We know more than we think we do. Imposter syndrome is real and when preparing for the podcast as a whole and for specific episodes, it’s easier to rest in the place of “what do I know?” and yet, we’ve surprised ourselves in how not only in depth we can get with these topics, but also how we are able to articulate that to our listeners. It excites me for what’s to come and definitely has boosted my confidence for future episodes.” – Catherine

There’s certainly a lot more for us to learn as we journey through this process. As we continue Wishing You Well, we want to keep these lessons in mind because we know we’ll reach a threshold where we’ll enter a new comfort zone, become more vulnerable, and feel the imposter coming on. In other words, although we’ve grown in a lot of ways already, we haven’t mastered this in any way, shape, or form, and there will be more to learn and more opportunities for growth. We hope that you too will give yourself space for imperfection, vulnerability, doubt, and grace with whatever new challenge is ahead of you.

Wishing You Well,

Amy and Catherine

Have you listened to Wishing You Well yet? Check out our latest episodes on Spotify here! Plus, if reality TV is your love language, make sure to check out our YouTube channel with all of our “Reactivity TV” segments from the podcast!


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